Why JavaScript?

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The weather portion of this website updates itself with current information every 15 minutes, around the clock.

The current and historical web pages consist of 8 HTML text files. The clickable portions of these pages require another 18 HTML text files, for a total of 26 essentially static files, with only the current data ever changing.

Updating and uploading all of these files every 15 minutes wasted a lot of time and bandwidth. So, we modified these 26 files to all load and run three Javascript files, called "Data.txt", "THWData.txt", and "W10AData.txt". These files plow through the currently-displayed HTML file looking for specially-marked text fields (like "outsideDewPt"), and populate those fields with current data; they're also responsible for some "special effects", like the text strikethough when the wind chill and heat index (which Davis' software always generates, no matter what) are actually invalid.

(Why three files, you ask? Because Davis' software inexplicably doesn't track highs and low for THW and 10-minute average wind, so we have to do that ourselves, outside of Davis' system.)

By using "Data.txt", "THWData.txt", and "W10AData.txt", we reduce the number of HTML text files which must be updated every 15 minutes from 26 to 3, and reduce the total upload size of these text files from over 100KB to under 23KB.

Please note that clicking on either the Davis logo or the "Click here for..." at the top of any main page (normally redirecting you to Davis' website or the indicated text, respectively), or any of on the values shown in the left-hand column (normally redirecting you to individual history displays) also won't work with JavaScript disabled (as we use "onclick=" for each area).

Thanks for your interest in why we do what we do. Use this "comments welcome!" link (or the one on the bottom of any of our main pages) if you'd like more information.

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